Warranty, Alterations, and Returns

Return Policy

Ready Made Garments

Ready Made garments are returnable, providing they have not been worn, are in original packaging, and are returned within 30 days of the invoice date. If the return is received after the 30 day time period, a 15% restocking fee may apply. "Return By" dates are noted on Sales Orders and Invoices. No Ready Made garments are returnable after 60 days.

JoViPak does not issue Return Authorization numbers. To return items, package them, with a copy of the original Sales Order and a completed Alteration or Return form (see below), and ship to JoViPak.

Reseller accounts will be credited once the original item(s) have been received and processed.

If different items need to be ordered, it is suggested that the new order not be included with the returned items but that it be placed separately. This will allow you to receive the new items sooner.

(Note: If fitting a Genital Pad, please try it on over clothing for the Return Policy to be valid.)

Custom Garments

JoViPak's Guarantee to Fit Policy applies to Custom garments, provided accurate and complete information was included with the order. Although Custom garments are NOT returnable, JoViPak will make every effort to work with therapists and/or fitters to help provide a garment that fits properly and provides maximum therapeutic benefit.

If Custom garments do not fit correctly at the initial fitting, please take update measurements and contact JoViPak to discuss the best solution.

Any Custom garmentsto be altered MUST be clean when returned to JoViPak. FDA regulations will not allow JoViPak to work on garments that are not clean. Package clean garments with a copy of new measurements and a completed Alteration or Return form (see below) and ship to JoViPak. Return Authorization numbers are not issued.

To qualify for one free reduction alteration within the first year of ownership, register your Custom JoViPak garment by clicking here.

Alterations and Returns PDF



  • JoViPak® garments made of Polartec® Power Dry® are guaranteed against defects in materials and craftsmanship for 12 months with normal use and care.
  • JoViPak® garments made of Organic Cotton/Lycra® are guaranteed against defects in materials and craftsmanship for 6 months with normal use and care.
  • JoViJackets and Box Finger Gloves made of Nylon/Spandex® blends are guaranteed against defects in materials and craftsmanship for 3 months with normal use and care.
  • Bellisse® and all other JoViPak® products are guaranteed against defects in materials and craftsmanship for 6 months with normal use and care.

Product Care

  • Don with rubber gloves to prevent damage from fingernails. (Fingernail damage is not covered by warranty.)
  • Care and content labels are on the OUTSIDE of JoViPak® garments and on the INSIDE of JoViJackets and Safety Soks.
  • If you are putting your JoViPak® lymphedema garment in the dryer, we recommend low heat and that the garment be removed from the dryer as soon as it is dry. Organic Cotton/Lycra® garments should be tuned inside out halfway through the drying cycle.
  • We recommend air drying JoViJackets.
  • Use mild liquid detergents and absolutely NO BLEACH on any JoViPak® product

Guarantee to Fit Policy

This policy applies to all Custom garments shown in the JoViPak® Product Guide

"We guarantee a proper fitting custom garment, provided that we have been given current & accurate information at the time of ordering. If the custom garment received does not fit properly and the patient has not increased or decreased in size, we will alter or remake the garment at no charge."

JoViPak® stands by the "Guarantee to Fit" policy for all Custom garments. We make every effort to design and construct garments that will provide every patient with a quality product for maximum therapeutic benefit which will promote optimal compliance. This is our commitment to you. In an effort to reduce returns and problems with the fit of garments, all required information must be included in the initial order. NO EXCEPTIONS. If information is not provided that ultimately affects the fit of the garment, the Guarantee to Fit Policy is void and standard alteration charges will apply should adjustments need to be made.

Carefully inspect the garment and compare it with what was ordered. Make sure your new garment fits correctly and you are able to don and doff it by yourself before you leave your therapist's of fitter's office.  Please remember: JoViPak garments are bandage liners and must have additional outer compression for a maximum fit and effectiveness. It is not uncommon to be able to fit your hand into the garment, so make sure you are trying the garment on with the JoViJacket or some other type of compression device fefore determining proper fit. Should you find that your new custom garment does not fit and needs to be returned for an adjustment, ask your fitter to call us so we can work together to resolve the problem.