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The Axilla Pad was created in response to a request by a breast surgeon looking for a "tapeless solu..
The Mini-Axilla Pad provides compression into the axilla and has a small Continuous Flow e..
The Chest Wall Pocket Pad is a comfortable, foam-filled pad that conveniently fits into the inn..
The Cleavage Pad is particularly useful under the Bellisse® (exclusively distributed by JOBST®)..
The Double Mastectomy Pad is a wrap-around torso pad secured with Velcro®. It helps to address&..
Fibrosis of the inferior breast is an ongoing problem for many women. To help with this issue, this ..
The Lateral Pad fits into the inside pocket of the Bellisse® (exclusively distributed by JOBST®..
The Post-Lumpectomy Pad has posterior extension to help address swelling and/or radiation ..
The Serratus Anterior Pad directs the flow of lymphatic fluid laterally, down to the ingui..
Unilateral Post-Mastectomy Pads are designed especially for mastectomy patients with chest wall..
A Padded Insert is a foam-filled chest pad that approximates the normal breast..
A Female Genital Pad is recommended when there is labial swelling and/or fibrosis p..
A Male Genital Pad is recommended for swelling and/or fibrosis in the&nbs..
A Male Genital Pad is recommended for swelling and/or fibrosis in the scrotal area&..